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Here i would like to introduce my collection about the technic device.

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logitech G903

Logitech G903 is my birthday gift, which is from my best friend Bob. He sent it to me last summer. Because it has a very fast response speed, it has high performance both in learning and in games.


JBL PLUSE3 it was the sound I bought back on August 20 this year. I was obsessed with his appearance and 3D surround sound experience. It is still one of my favorite sounds.


Razer huntsman elite It's a keyboard that I bought recently. It's very comfortable to play code and play games. The best design is that he has his own palm rest, which can make my wrists sore when I work or play. In addition to this, this keyboard also uses the latest technology: OPTO-Mechanical. He can make the keyboard's response time the fastest


The story of me and this game console is very interesting. When the end of the exam is over, I am ready to return. At that time, I didn't really like SWITCH because it was not comparable to PS4 in all respects. But I feel that I feel very bored on the plane for so long, I have no choice but to buy one back. As a result, he became the longest thing I played. HAHA.


This glasses was actually bought because of impulsiveness. I waited for nearly one semester to receive this eye, but when I used it, it felt very bad. It should be the most failed product I bought. I hope you don't buy it!


Corsair K95 It was the first keyboard I bought in Melbourne, using the traditional Bronze Switch, it feels very good, and he has a light effect, very beautiful. There are also 6 shortcuts on the left side of the keyboard to make it easier to operate on certain games.


This notebook is one of my favorite ones at the moment, and the performance in all aspects is top. Very convenient at work and study


This watch was purchased when it was first released, because it has a very significant improvement with the previous generation, and I don't have a watch yet. Can you imagine a waterproof electronic watch?